Frosty's world

July 2008


Hi Everyone.

Summer hols are here again. Joe has just completed one year of school and we are full swing into the school holidays. Love the not rushing in a morning and there is so much time to be able to do all the things Joe and Sean are always asking, like building lego houses for their toys without saying will have to do that when we get back. Both have stepped up their rate of asking questions and non stop talking - which i thought wasn't possible so this week has been exhausting without the usual breaks from school!

We are busy getting ready for our trip to England. My first time back in 5 years and Sean's first trip to that lovely wet and cold isle we used to refer to as home! They are both so excited. Neither realise how cold it will feel to them seen as they are used to 30+ degrees on a daily basis. Won't miss applying the mozzie spray though. Joe and Seany are looking forward to feeding the hens in my dad's allotment and helping with all the veggies and plants but what they really keep going on about is going camping. The boys and Granddad Jimmy are going to spend a night in a tent in the lakes...... rather them than me LOL!



photos of the frosties and various places in asia