July 2008

Summer holidays have just started for Joe. Makes me wonder where the first 6 months of the year went again. Also makes me start thinking about the rest of the year which always seems so hectic. If i start planning now i just might get everything done for Christmas.

Chinese New Year came and went in a flash. This year i took Sean down to the pool at our condo to watch the yearly ritual of the dragon dancers blessing our condo and placing on it good luck. The dragon dancers are very skilful but the drums so noisy! This year Sean was old enough to not get scared from the din. They perform elaborate acrobatics, and the dragon ends by eating lettuce and peeling oranges which are really good luck and the dragon throws them into the crowd. The good luck ran out though for one apartment, which 2 weeks ago was engulfed in fire at 10pm and the usual Monday night peace and quiet was shattered with the place crawling with fireman, fire bikes and huge civil defence vehicles.

After Chinese New Year came Easter. My mum and dad came for a month which was great for the school holidays. Sean and Joe shared a room which kind of puts me off having them share for good! They took so much longer to go to sleep every night and still woke up at the crack of dawn! Joe and Sean had nana and granddad Bart playing every game under the sun. It was not unusual to see Granddad Bart squeezed onto a small chair pretending to be a supermarket cashier. Playing doctors is easier as you can at least pretend to have a kip. They had numerous trips out to the Botanic gardens, Sentosa and Sean went on the train to The Chinese Gardens.

Looking at our dismal attempt at plants on our balcony, Joe, Seany and Granddad tried growing some more. The strawberry and tomato plants that Granddad Bart had brought from England survived about 10 days till they died a death by drowning. We discovered our maid being a tad generous with the watering can. Our new maid has been banned from plant watering. So we then decided to try plants that may prefer the Singapore climate - chili and some local looking flowers, which under my watchful eye and preventing Sean from putting water on from his aqua play toys have so far grown and still looking mildly healthy!

At Easter we all went to Club Med, Bintan again. It didn't take my mum and dad long to find the nice quiet beach away from the kids and activities along with the beach bar for evening cocktails! The food is really good at Club Med as they discovered and once back in Singapore took up walking miles every day again to shift the pounds! Granddad became an expert at building sand pools with channels that filled up with water when the sea came in. Joe attempted the trapeze again and after a few more goes made it to the top and swung down. Mike showed him how it was done by hanging upside down. Joe also made his stage debut in a fashion show with the kids club and then again in a dancing show. He was not shy in the slightest! Sean went to the mini club for a couple of mornings, but stilled preferred to be with us all on the beach or in the sea. You would have never have guessed that 6 months ago he hated the beach. Bintan was also the start of the introduction of the 'naughty wall' We just had enough one day and sent them there to stop them fighting (see photos). Now they each have their own naughty wall at home!

Its a short and sweet update this time, busy trying to get ready for our trip to England. The rest of what we have been up to before we go will be up next time!


Birdie x x x


frosty and bird, Koh Samui Island
Bangkok Skyline
Kho Samui Airport
Reclining Buddha
Bird and Frosty in the pool
Big Buddha Kho Samui
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